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This module allows you to manage actions on Prestashop modules or configurations via continuous integration (CI)



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A relatively painful point with Prestashop is that there is no native automated solution to install / update / uninstall modules, and to deploy configurations.
This means that for each code deployment, it is necessary to go to the target environment (pre-production or production) and manually perform the installation and module update actions, as well as apply configurations.
So for one action, it is necessary to do it manually on all these environments.
This is inevitably a source of errors or oversights, which is why it would be much simpler for everything to happen automatically.

The purpose of this module is to meet this need by allowing these actions to be scripted and executed automatically during the continuous integration process.

It also provides a solution that allows you to list the actions performed in the back office on the development environment.
Then automatically generate the associated update file.

To use it in your projects, I invite you to read the blog post related to this module, as well as the entire series of articles related to continuous integration.

V 0.3.0 2023-11-12 :
Code refactoring and improvements
Allow to add your owns converters and upgraders from custom modules
Add a hook to allow custom modules to exclude some configurations from changes

V 0.2.0 2023-11-06 : First public release of the module

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